10 Roses from Around the Globe

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In a world full of flowers, roses have always been the prized possession of just about every gardener. In honor of our upcoming National Rose Month (October), here are ten different varieties from around the globe which never fail to make an impact in many diverse climates and environments.


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A stunning variety from France, these red-tipped flowers look almost like a deep crimson velvet when backlit by the sun. They possess a very strong fragrance and feature tightly formed blooms with much thicker petal structure than most other roses. The large blooms also appear much later into the season, giving your garden that last hurrah before autumn settles in for good!

Red Pomeranian

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This early-blooming rose is perfect for the small garden and features a profusion of bright red/orange blooms with prominent, deep green leaves. The strong petals and large amount of flowers make these plants extremely attractive to bees, which can also help increase pollination rates in your garden’s other plants as well.


This variety from Poland has smaller blooms than most roses; those who plant it claim that this hardy rose will tolerate almost any climate and condition you throw at it. It also takes on a bright coral color when exposed to prolonged sunlight and its petals possess a more rounded, obtuse shape than other varieties.

Turkish hybrid

This variety is one of the oldest of its kind and has been cultivated for hundreds of years in Bulgaria by monks who used them as an offering to St. Nicholas on December 6 th . They are hardy plants that require little water or maintenance after they have become established. Their deep green leaves also usually take on an intense copper tone during the colder months, making them stand out even more.

Bardou de lyon

There are several different types of Bardou de Lyon roses; some are wild-grown in the Mediterranean region while others are found in formal gardens throughout France. Its foliage is typically dark green and its red blooms feature very prominent stamens which become visible as the petals begin to unfurl.

Becks balls

Perfect for smaller spaces, these plants produce large amounts of small, pea-like flowers throughout most of the season. The rose has a short flower stem and very fine, narrow leaves that are usually deep green in color. While they may not be considered one of the world’s most impressive roses, this variety features long stems which make them ideal for cut arrangements or even just planting on your house’s exterior walls.

Mme leon dagre

This rose is one of the longest blooming varieties in existence, producing beautiful pink flowers throughout almost the entire year. Its petals are almost waxy in appearance and take on a very puffy quality which makes them extremely attractive for use in flower arrangements

Pink perpetual caen

Despite its name, this French rose doesn’t actually bloom all that often; you will usually only see it produce one or two deep pink flowers at a time given its tendency to go deciduous during winter months. However, when it does bother to grow these large blooms they are always considered a spectacular sight.

Peach perpetual

Like its cousin the Pink Perpetue de Caen, this variety features very few flowers over the summer months. However, what it lacks in quantity it makes up for with quality; these blooms are known to be some of the largest of any rose and feature light pink petals that grow atop deep green foliage. Like all French roses, Peach Perpetual also smells amazing.

Lavender rose

This unique shrub is considered one of the world’s tallest varieties of climbing rose. It produces many delicate white flowers each year while its curling stems make it ideal for use as a groundcover. It will grow over other plants and any obstacles it encounters, making it a great choice for those who lack proper garden space. However, Lavender Rose is also very cold-hardy so you don’t have to worry about losing it to the winter months.


No matter which variety of rose you choose, they all bring their own uniqueness to the table. If I had to recommend one type it would definitely be Lavender Rose; its ability to quickly and easily climb over any surface and provide a multitude of flowers for most of the year is truly amazing. However, each type has its own unique characteristics so I suggest doing some research before making your final decision. Once you plant them in your garden or even in pots on your house’s exterior walls then not only will that particular style become associated with your home, but it will also add a touch of color and beauty that will draw positive attention from everyone who sees them.

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