6 Vegetables To Grow In Your Veggie Garden

6 Vegetables To Grow In Your Veggie Garden

Congratulations! If growing a veggie garden is what you are thinking of then you have actually made a fantastic choice with some far-reaching advantages. It will not only serve as a source of fresh and inexpensive vegetables but will also help you in having a command on how your produce is grown. You also have the option of planting surplus amounts to be used later. You can freeze and can the produce for making your very own jellies, jams, preserves, and pickles. Isn’t it a good way of stretching the goodness of your shrubbery right into your kitchen? But the main problem is deciding on the veggies that you can grow in the garden. If you are thinking of saving some cash, then go for the ones mentioned below:

6 Vegetables To Grow In Your Veggie Garden
6 Vegetables To Grow In Your Veggie Garden

Curly Kale

Curly kale takes the number one spot mainly because it is low in its calorie content, health and versatile. More so, a packet of curly kale seeds will not cost you much. Added to this is the fact that the plant does not take more than six weeks to accomplish full growth. If you compare the expenditure incurred on getting the vegetable from the supermarket, you will find that growing your own in a good bargain.


Oh, the ever-so-popular lettuce! Grow it in your own garden and save a huge amount of money. Get only one packet of lettuce seeds and it will give you around five months filled with this super-healthy veggie.


The good thing about tomatoes is that they do not require a lot of space to flourish. They are perfect for minuscule home gardens and balconies. A tomato plant generally takes a time span of 12 weeks to achieve full growth. Apart from this quick growth period, a tomato plant can offer fresh and juicy tomatoes regularly for about six years. So, you can just imagine the savings that you will be making.

Asparagus In Your Veggie Garden

Want to grow asparagus? If you are not patient enough then drop this idea or gain some good skills. The plant gets ready for harvest in a time span of two years. Long time, isn’t it? But one positive trait is that it will not burn a hole in your pocket. Once an asparagus plant accomplishes full growth, it continues to offer vegetables for more than twenty years. Long time, once again.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are quite expensive but not if you grow them in your own garden. Easy to take care of, peppers can conveniently be grown in small containers and then transplanted outdoors. You can get good produce every year if you maintain the veggies properly.

6 Vegetables To Grow In Your Veggie Garden
6 Vegetables To Grow In Your Veggie Garden

Potatoes In Your Veggie Garden

You cannot miss out on having this favorite vegetable in your garden. It is quite easy to grow potatoes. The flavors of freshly dug potatoes will never match the ones that are bought from stores. Choose loose and well-drained soil in a sunny location for the tubers and the roots of the plant to grow undisturbed.

The joys of raising a veggie garden cannot be ignored. Nothing adds more to your meal than fresh tomatoes, beans, and zucchini.

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