Are Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Effective?

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More than ninety percent of people in the world are afraid of pests, whether they be lizards or cockroaches. When you do not keep your kitchen and toilets clean, these pests start to visit your house. Left-over food in the kitchen is the favorites of rats and cockroaches. And we all know how unhygienic it is to have all these things near your food. All the pests go and prey on the filthy and dirty things. When they are near your diet, then they spread harmful diseases. If one will eat such food for a long time, then they are sure to fall sick, and this will affect your immune system tremendously. Spraying and using products that can kill these pests can be even harmful to humans. So one can use ultrasonic pest repellers that will not have any detrimental effect on humans.

Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

The best thing about the ultrasonic pest repellents is that they work with ultrasonic waves that keep the pest away from the house. These waves are high, and they affect the ears of the pest so they will not enter the place where this product is installed. It is non- toxic, so human beings have no danger from the product. It guarantees non-toxic and safe to use. It comes with low electric consumption; it helps repel pests in your home & garden. The product is Eco-friendly and easy to use. The product is made of ABS plastic and adopted the advance ultrasonic technology. It is small in size, and so it is easy to carry and durable. The material of the shell is ABS Plastic, and the power it requires is 5-6W.  The voltage it requires is AC 90V – 250V 50-60Hz. The frequency range of the product is 22-65KHz, and sufficient coverage is around 80-120 square meters.

People these days do not like to use or kill the pest. They want the parasite should be away from their place. And the ultrasonic pest repellent does that best to keep the pest away with any toxic use. If you keep your house and office clean, then pest will not visit your place. They come when they smell dirty around.  You can use this product in your home and your offices so that the pest will not occur.

Ultrasonic Garden Pest Repeller

This ultrasonic gadget repels insects, rodents, and snakes, sufficient for up to 20-150 sq. m. The product emits sound waves every 30 seconds that repels pests away. The product is safe for people and pets; no toxins, no chemicals. It uses solar panels 4.3v, 20mAh. It has a battery of 1v, 250mAh (rechargeable battery). The product has a frequency of 400-1000 Hz, and it requires a voltage of 100-240v. You can use this product in the garden so that your plants are safe, and the pest does not eat your plants. The price of the product is reasonable and durable so that you can use it for a long time without any hassle.

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