Beautiful Gardening Ideas for a Small Garden

gardening ideas for small gardens

Crafting a small outdoor space is never easy, but it’s not impossible. Even if you’re not lucky enough to call Versailles home, you can still make your tiny patch of green look stunning. With a dose of creativity and a few smart furniture choices, your humble garden can be picture-perfect in no time, thanks to these brilliant space-saving outdoor ideas. Here are some small gardening hacks.

 1. Hang furniture to free-up floorspace

A close up of a plant

When working with small indoor spaces designers will explain the importance of elevating furniture off the floor to create the illusion of more floor space – wall-mouted bathroom units are a prime example of where this applies. Use the same design idea in a small garden by choosing a hanging chair. The solo chair appears to float in the space – keeping the floor and sightline clear. Position near a planted border to cleverly hide the base and support structure and it really will feel like it’s floating amongst the greenery.

2. Make a small space work harder

A close up of a flower

This garden has three sections, all with clear individual purposes – making the space feel bigger because of the multifunctional uses. The top level features a patio, which is bathed in morning sunshine. A central seating area made for socialising  and the bottom deck houses a water feature. Then there’s the homeowner’s ‘she shed’.

3. Enliven the space with colour

As with interior decorating, think of how using colour can help invigorate an outdoor space, especially a small garden. The use of a vibrant colour painted on walls and fences helps to add depth to the space. A flash of bold colour allows the plants to really pop against the colourful backdrop – creating an illusion of a sense of space. Not to mention the mood-boosting power a splash of colour can have on the senses.

4. Create a sense of height through planting

A clever and simple idea for planting a small garden is to play with the heights to add a feeling of space and depth. Use clusters of different pots that contain foliage at varying heights and scales to make the most of the space. An ideal solution for small patios, courtyards and balcony gardens.

5. Add new levels

Add interest to a small garden by adding perspective with different levels. This can be a sunken terrace area and a raised lawn like in this garden above. The ledges and steps will help open up how you can use the space, adding in extra spots for plant pots to be arranged or areas to add furniture to accommodate guests.

6. Wall-mount a garden bar to save space

Even a tiny garden can enjoy a tipple in style, thanks to a space-saving wall-mounted bar. Create your own spot for al fresco entertaining with a smart pull-down bar made from upcycled wooden pallets and a length of chain. Read more: Make your own DIY bar using old wooden pallets – for as little as £35!

7. Think vertically for planting

Take inspiration from the elements of a living wall, by using vertical wall space for thoughtful planting. This allows even the smallest of garden spaces to flourish, making the most of the space. The simple yet savvy addition of horizontal fence panels can turn the side of the shed into a decorative living wall. This could also work on a stretch of bare fence or wall, or the side of a balcony. Any of these small outdoor spaces can be transformed into a vertical garden, accommodating smaller plant pots and baskets.

8. Add a slimline outdoor kitchen

Don’t let having a small garden exclude you from embracing your dreams of an outdoor kitchen idea. Extend your kitchen capacity into the garden with a slimline solution. Potting tables provide a slim, compact surface along one side of a patio for outside food prep.

These are some useful small gardening ideas.

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