Beginners Guide To Vegetable Gardening – How To Make Gardening Efficient

beginners guide to vegetable gardening

Firstly, Kudos for deciding to start vegetable gardening! The most rewarding way to get the freshest vegetables you can ever get. With no chemicals or preservatives because your vegetables will grow right in front of you! There is no other way to get vegetables just as fresh. And even though it might feel like a lot of work, when your first vegetable is finally ready, it will all seem totally worth it. Beginning vegetable gardening can feel overwhelming at times, but that is exactly what the article is for. A complete beginner’s guide to understanding vegetable gardening and make the process less complicated.

Beginners Guide to Vegetable Gardening – Start small

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Now, this might feel like a very cliché statement but it holds very high regard in vegetable gardening. A very basic reason to start small is that it will help you in understanding your soil, weather conditions, and the time required to fully grow a vegetable. Also starting small is beneficial to understand if you actually like the work that comes with gardening. The planting, watering, weeding can feel stressful if you begin with a big garden.

Grow the vegetables you love

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Growing vegetables, you love will be the best decision ever! Imagine you grow your first ripe and very fresh tomato, but you don’t like tomatoes. You won’t be able to completely enjoy the tomatoes you grow. Instead, grow something you know you will enjoy. The number of vegetables that will grow is obviously not something you can control, but what you do is grow it in a small space to first understand the harvest you are getting. Because if you have an excess harvest, you will either have to give it away or it will go waste.

You have to make the best use of vegetable gardening by growing the vegetables that you mostly have demand on. This way, the idea of vegetable gardening serves two purposes – helping you feel relaxed and getting the vegetables you need for cooking.

Beginners Guide To Vegetable Gardening – Know your soil

The type and fertility of soil play a very important role in vegetable gardening. If the type of soil you are using for gardening is not fertile, you won’t get a good harvest no matter how much effort you put into it. To know the fertility of the soil, you can take out a sample and send it to a soil testing lab. If you want to test the soil yourself, you can do that too! The texture of the soil will tell you almost everything you need to know about it. If you feel like the soil is too sandy, add organic matter to make it improve the texture.


This beginner’s guide to vegetable gardening is for you to understand the basics that need to be known at the very beginning. Once you start gardening, you will be an expert in no time. Plus, you will save a lot of money that you usually spent on buying vegetables, also you will become more familiar with nature.

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