Benefits And Working Of Aerogarden Harvest Elite Indoor Gardening System

The AeroGarden Harvest Elite is a beautifully designed garden, perfect for any room in the house, and versatile enough to fit anywhere. Aerogarden harvests elite indoor gardening system is hot in the market today because using it any plant can be grown in the home. Every person knows the homegrown veggies taste better, and this gardening system will encourage you to discover the flavor of fresh in every season. 

Let’s See The Benefits Of Using An Aerogarden Harvest Elite Indoor Gardening System 

Plant To Plate Up 

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Grow up to 6 plants at the same time, up to 12 inches tall with harvest elite garden. Grow in no mess, no water, and no soil. 

Includes Gourmet Herb Seed Kit 

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(6 POD) curly parsley, Thai basil, harmless Miracle-Gro plant food, dill, Genovese basil, and mint (sufficient for a full season of growth).

Easy To Use

Digital display control panel involves vacation mode to grow hydroponics system when you are not at home. It is an advanced garden system for optimized growth.

Led Grow Lights 

A High-performance, full-range, 20 watt LED grow lighting system in your herb garden maximizes plants’ photosynthesis, resulting in swift, natural growth and a plethora of harvests. 

In A Home Garden System 

Grow fresh veggies, fruits & herbs throughout the year in this harvest elite indoor gardening system; always local, always fresh, and always in season. 

How Aerogarden Works?

Aerogarden Pods

Each kit has aerogarden pods that help fast germination; they are particularly created to feed your plant the vital macro and micronutrients, water, and oxygen. The roots grow in air and water, and since they’re not weighty. The pods promote your herbs as they sprout. 

The liquid nutrients present in the water enable nutrient absorption and healthy roots into your plants. All seed pods are both soil and GMO-free. 

Aerator Pump

Each garden has an inbuilt aerator or pump that circulates the nutrients, water, and oxygen to the plants. 

Led Grow Lights

Grow lights are essential for the photosynthesis process, and the Ultra LED grow lights are idyllic for the job. The lighting in all the models is mechanized, and you don’t have to switch it on or off. This is ideal timed lighting aids your herbs to nurture 5X faster. 

Control Panel

This harvest elite gardening system is simple to use. Different models have different kinds of features and control panels. It reminds you when to add water and when to add nutrients and the user manual instructs you how much of each is required to be added. 

A Blossoming Garden All Year Round

The garden works throughout the year. Whether it is rainy, summer, or winter season, it doesn’t impact your aerogarden gardening.


Perfect for beginners and experienced planters, the harvest elite has a section for 6 different plants. At the same time, you can grow 6 different types of herbs, vegetables, flowers, or salad greens to improve your drinks, food, home, and life. Today, grow fresh vegetables & fruits at any time or anywhere at home!

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