Best Kitchen Garden Ideas for Your Backyard

best kitchen garden

The best kitchen garden design is a place that is practical, usable, beautiful, easy to maintain and affordable! In other words, it should be a place that suits the needs of the user without having to compromise their creative tastes. With the recent emphasis being placed on the environment, the way people garden has also changed dramatically. Nowadays a kitchen garden really means using environmentally friendly materials and designing a garden that is as sustainable as possible. In this article we will look at some of the best kitchen garden designs available.

Best kitchen garden design

Kitchen Garden

The kitchen garden design will have a variety of different textures and plant structures based on the different needs of the garden user. Soil type is very important as it will determine what type of plants you grow. Choosing between clay, sandy soil, limestone, coco peat, composted bark or perlite is entirely up to the user, but the most important aspect of choosing the type of soil is the health of the soil and the ability of the plants to feed from it. Soil testing should be carried out prior to planting so that you know what the ideal soil type is for the garden area you have chosen. Doing this results in fewer problems with disease and pests, and more importantly it ensures that the plants get the best growing conditions in the garden.

One of the kitchen garden designs has to be that of the vegetable garden, and this requires good drainage. One problem that often plagues vegetable gardens is water retention due to standing water, and this can lead to mould and disease. Determining whether there are any underground obstructions such as pipes or timber behind the house is essential, and can be done by using a damp cloth and an inspection camera. It is recommended that annual pest control applications be carried out once a year with natural non-chemical pesticides, and using non-chemical repellents such as Zeolite, which is made from crushed dill seeds. These prevent and repel pests from destroying the crop, and also repel insects from moving into the protected area after the crop is harvested.

Planting depth

Kitchen Garden

Planting depth is important in a garden and one thing that can cause major problems is too much planting. Too much planting just causes compaction of soil and will result in less oxygen being able to reach the roots of the plants. In order for the roots to thrive, they need access to all the nutrients, especially that of nitrogen. If the soil is compacted too much, the plants’ roots will not have this advantage.

The height at which plants are planted is also important, as is the positioning of plants. Taller growing plants will shade the soil, allowing it to absorb more moisture. Shrubs can provide protection for the shorter plants as well as shade. Bushes are usually planted in the back of the garden to provide shady areas. Be careful not to place a hedge in the middle of your yard.

Best fertilizers for garden

One of the best fertilizers for your garden is an organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizers are made from natural organic matter like leaves and seeds, along with other ingredients that help the plants thrive. There are many types of organic fertilizers available for purchase but make sure that you choose one that contains Potassium or other nutrients that will support the plants health.

Planting flowers is good for kitchen garden

Planting flowers is also a great way to add color to your kitchen garden. Herbs can be used in the same way, however, as their scent may repel insects that may be harmful to the plants. Roses are a great choice as they are year round plants. Another plant that is a year round option is the azalea. Azalea blooms during the spring and summer and then switches back to green once the weather changes again. Both of these blooms are great plant choices for your kitchen gardening.

Other plants for backyard garden

Other plants that are excellent for planting in a backyard garden are tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, spinach, and a multitude of others. You will find that when you implement the kitchen garden ideas your gardens will be thriving year around. Just remember that you will need to have a lot of patience when it comes to tending to your crops. Plant your seeds just right so they get the proper amount of sunlight and water to grow and you will have a gorgeous garden to enjoy for many years to come.

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