Complete Gardening Guide For Beginners

complete gardening guide

Gardening offers you an opportunity to master the art of caring for plants, while also getting to spend some time outside your home. As fun as gardening is, it could also prove challenging especially if you’re new to it. 

Caring for plants is a science that needs to be mastered; most plants need careful balance of thriving conditions to grow healthily. So, if you find yourself not being able to successfully care for a plant until it grows, fret not. There is a guide to follow to get the best gardening results. We discuss the complete gardening guide for beginners.

Site Your Garden Right

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Location matters the most when gardening. Site your garden at that part of the yard you’ll see daily. When you keep seeing the garden daily, you’ll get the inspiration to work on it. So, you’ll spend more time tending to those delicate plants.

Expose Your Garden To The Sun

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It is fairly easy and common to misjudge the direction of sunlight when siting your garden. To prevent this problem, take a few days to learn how sunlight moves through your yard. You can then choose a garden spot with the most exposure to sunlight. You should choose this area because many plants, especially the edible ones like vegetables, herbs, need more than 6 hours of sunlight to grow healthily.

Site Your Garden Close To A Water Source

This is an essential gardening tip. Make sure you plan your garden close to a water source. To make it easier, you can run a hose to the garden from the nearest water source. To tell if your plants need watering, push a finger down into the soil by an inch. If you feel dryness, then it’s probably time to water your plants. If it’s wet, you could delay watering the plants.

Make Use Of A Nutrient-Rich Soil

Another essential tip to successful gardening is to get a soil that is nutrient-rich and also drains well. Spread the soil over your garden floor up to 8 inches if you plan to plant into the ground. You can also use soil with the same features for raised bed plant growing.

You should then make sure you choose the right plants. Some plants will not match the growing condition of your garden; avoid these plants. You should also consider making use of containers when you’re looking to manage your garden space. Lastly, make sure the plants are fed with nutritious plant food. 


Gardening brings a lot of benefits, among which is a reason to be outdoors. However, if you’re new to gardening, you may find it difficult without following a guide. We discuss the complete gardening guide for beginners.

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