Container gardening ideas 

Containers Gardening Ideas

Are you tired of landscape gardening and a new idea? Have you been craving to start gardening but lacks space? Are you bored and want to explore nature? Container gardening is the answer to all these questions. This is an incredible form of garden, more like fun and I bet you will love it.

I know you must have seen or heard about container gardens, but the ideas I brought to you today are incredible ones. Here are they;


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Before, people think they can only use terra cotta pots, mud pots or cans for their gardening but these days there are many things used for container gardening ranging from polythene bags, Plastic bags, metallic pots, plastic pots, bowls, milk jugs, ice cream boxes, barrels among others.

With these wide range of materials used in gardening you should be careful when making choices. A good gardening container holds moisture and encourages plant growth. You should also choose a container that’s easy to carry about.


A colorful flower pot on a table

When choosing a container, don’t choose the one that will hold your plant as it is now, choose a larger container that will be able to accommodate your plant when it grows.

Drainage system

This is as important as watering your plants! Plants that can’t get rid of excess moisture will be too swampy and die. Therefore your gardening container must have drainage. While some materials like plastic cans and metallic pots can easily be drilled with nails to make drainage, others like ceramics and mud pots require a more specialized method of drilling. This is why you should keep your eyes open when choosing the containers for your gardening!

Here are some good and easy-drilled containers for you;

Resin / plastic containers;

Wire baskets;

Old metal bucket;

Wine crates;


Old toy truck;


These are a few ideas to help boost your container gardening, there are other containers you can use to make your container garden more beautiful and unique such as an old sink, wooden bottle carrier, bricks, and wooden boxes.

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