Cosmos Flowers: 9 Reasons You Should Grow Them

Know About The Most Popular Flowers In the World

Undoubtedly, planting trees is an excellent hobby. Some people spend their quality time in a garden with flowers. Sitting in a garden with a cup of tea and a newspaper gives them immense pleasure. However, people’s preferences in choosing flowers or other plants are distinct across the world. Mostly, people grow plants from which they can get certain benefits. The most common fruit plants are apple, pineapple, grapes, mango, jackfruit, different types of berries. Hence, on this page, you will know 9 reasons why you should grow cosmos flowers.

Cosmos Flowers: 9 Reasons You Should Grow Them
Cosmos Flowers: 9 Reasons You Should Grow Them

Moreover, they cultivate various types of vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, lady’s finger, tomato, brinjal, carrot, spinach. But few people want to decorate their garden with beautiful flowers. Some of the most common flowers we see in the garden are marigold, roses, lavender, tulips, sunflower, rubiscos, orchid, dahlia. But have you heard about cosmos flowers?

About Cosmos Flowers

There are around twenty species of cosmos flowers. Among them, “Cosmos sulphureus” and “Cosmos bipinnatus” are annual varieties whereas “Cosmos atrosanguineus” are perennials. Cosmos flowers (Universe bipinnatus or Mexican aster) are yearly blossoms that offer numerous benefits. You will be astonished to know the value of these cheerful blossoms. Cosmos flowers are similar to their ‘cousins’: yarrow, daisies, marigolds, dandelions, zinnias, lettuce, and sunflowers. You can develop these simple care blossoms in your garden from spring to autumn. You should keep in mind that those trees should get direct sunlight. The Greek word ‘kosmos’ means ‘beautiful.’ These blossoms come in numerous colours and grow tall with appealing padded takes off. I would suggest you discover a pot or minor space to sow some seeds.

Cosmos Flowers: Nine Benefits

Act as a magnet for butterflies and bees
Nectar and pollen can quickly enter into these open flowers due to its. You can’t have sufficient pollinators and creepy predator crawlies in your garden. Cosmos flowers are magnets for advantageous creepy crawlies like lacewings, parasitic wasps, tachinid flies, and hoverflies. That bolsters on numerous insects and give free fertilization services. They are easy to grow.

Cosmos Flowers: 9 Reasons You Should Grow Them
Cosmos Flowers: 9 Reasons You Should Grow Them

These plant’s primary requirement is dry conditions and little water. They appear to bloom best in destitute soils with less natural matter. You can see those plants along the street side in full sun.

Money-Saving With Your Free Seeds

To spare seeds, you should select cosmos varieties that have been open-pollinated instead of crossbreeds. Hybrid plants don’t provide substantial outcomes for seed saving. This is because they will be sterile, or the plants of the following era may shift broadly in their characteristics, consistency, and maturity. After cosmos flowers die, you can collect seeds with a bag. You have to rub gently and shake those dried flowers to collect seeds. Presently you have a modest bunch of cosmos seeds. You can use it for next season.

Cosmos flowers that can grow by their own

The dead blossoms will drop to the soil if they die naturally. With favourable conditions, cosmos plants will increase on their own. Therefore, you can save time.

Long blooming and astounding plants

Cosmos flowers last for many months. Bees do come towards where cosmos planted in a group. This intelligent creepy crawlies know that they have to travel less distance flying from flower to flower for a free nourish when they’re all in one spot.

Consumable Flowers

You can eat lovely petals of cosmos flowers, or you can use it to garnish your dishes. Make sure that you must not use any chemicals or fertilizers.

Pests Don’t Seem To Bother Them

Sow your cosmos in among other plants like marigolds and nasturtiums, vegetables, and blossoming herbs. By doing this, you can decrease the chances of an imbalance in pest insects.

Use as cut flowers in a vase or bouquet

If you re-cut the stems frequently and keep in new water, you can expect the flowers to last for 7-10 days. Cutting your blossoms in the early morning is suitable for plants because they have the highest level of dampness at that time. Select blooms with petals that are an excellent beginning to unfurl. The flowers will open when stems touch the water. Remove the leaves from the stem that will be beneath the water. Rotting clears out will rapidly spoil and diminish the vase life of your cosmos flower.

Adaptable in dry conditions

Cosmos seeds require water to grow up, but they blossom without regular watering.


In this context, we discussed the benefits of cosmos flowers. If you’re finding rare consumable flowers that can attract butterflies and bees, attempt developing cosmos.

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