Cottage Gardening Ideas - How to Make Your Garden Easy to Take Care of -

Cottage Gardening Ideas – How to Make Your Garden Easy to Take Care of

cottage gardening ideas

If you are thinking of starting a new garden venture, you should read up on cottage gardening ideas. Cottage gardening is one of the most popular forms of gardening practiced today. In this method of gardening, the main structure of the garden is usually a cottage style house or other building such as a barn, garage or shed. The primary components of this type of gardening are a trellis system, soil, water and fertilizer.

An Overview Of Cottage Gardening Ideas

A close up of a flower garden in front of a palm tree

Most gardeners that practice cottage gardening use hardy perennial plants that can tolerate occasional disease and pest infestations. These plants are easy to maintain and usually do well in most climates. Some of the more common plants used for this type of gardening are California coneflower, California poppy, California bluebell, dwarf fountain grass and creeping tom. Other varieties of plants include buckeye, butterbean, graceful lilac, phlox, poppies, red and white starflower, strawberry, sunflowers, and zinnias.

You can achieve a cottage garden effect if you build your garden around a natural or architectural focal point. A natural focal point such as a tree, stone, pond, fountain or flower can be incorporated into the design of your garden. This structure will serve as your garden’s point of focus and will help you maintain the correct pattern and texture of your cottage garden soil.

Usage Of Water, Fertilizer, And The Planting Process

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When it comes to water and fertilizer, there is an art to using them properly. You should use the right amount and right kind of each to encourage healthy plant growth. For example, if you have a small garden area, you do not need to use as much fertilizer as you would have if you had a larger garden. Instead, create a balance between the amount of water used and the amount of fertilizer needed to keep the plants healthy.

When it comes to planting your plants, you must consider how they will be viewed when they are mature. If you plant too many young flowers in one area of your cottage garden, the flowers may not be viewed from a long distance or from a direct angle. Young plants should be planted in groups of two to four. Young plants will compete with each other for nutrients and water. This will result in a healthier lawn overall and increased blooms over time.

Other Components

When it comes to building your cottage garden, it is important to add structures where the plants can thrive and grow. One of the most common forms of structure used is trellis. Other structures include walls and fences. The purpose of these structures is to create privacy and shade where you want the plants to grow, while also providing shelter from the elements.

The final component of cottage gardening ideas is color. When choosing colors, choose pastel shades that will compliment the type of grass you have in your garden. This combination of grass and flower will add a touch of natural beauty to your entire cottage garden area. To further enhance the appearance of your garden, consider hanging art and lighting to add a touch of color and style.

Other Cottage Gardening Ideas

These are just a few cottage gardening ideas. There are many more techniques and ideas that can be implemented. It really comes down to what you and your family like to do, and whether you are planning to build or buy an existing structure to house your cottage garden. Once you decide what you are looking for, your cottage garden will be a place of beauty and tranquility.

Once you have chosen the plants you would like to use and have built your garden, remember to water it well. Cottage gardens should be maintained naturally and without chemicals. Always check with local authorities before you start any gardening project. For instance, a drought may severely limit the types of plants you can grow. Local plant nurseries are great resources for information on gardening, as well as ideas for your own cottage garden. Read up on what they have to offer and then implement what you have learned.

In The End

One thing that most people do not enjoy about gardening is digging. Fortunately, there are two ways you can make this task easier. One way is to simply hire someone to do all the digging for you. This is often the most economical way to go since you will only be paying a one-time fee and will not have to keep paying new fees. The other way is to find a machine that will automatically do the digging for you.

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