Early Spring Gardening Tips – How to Grow Your Garden in the Spring

early spring gardening tips

There are many early spring gardening tips that will help you keep your garden healthy. Springtime is the perfect time to get in the dirt. However, it can also be a very stressful time for most gardeners as they worry about how their garden is going to look when the weather turns warm. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your soil has been properly prepared. Most people like to use their garden soil for a year before planting, however it is still very important to make sure that it has been thoroughly prepared. Many gardeners will simply over-fertilize their gardens and this can make the soil too acidic and eventually kill your plants.

Initial Steps

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To make sure that your soil is ready for early spring gardening tips, you should remove all weeds and other types of unwanted plants from the area. This includes grass, weeds, leaves and other debris. You will also want to rake up any rocks or gravel that is on the soil. You should always work in loose soil, so make sure that you spread your soil evenly and that you don’t compact it too much. In addition, if you have perennials in your garden, you may want to water them once a week in the early spring before planting.

Once you have cleared away any unruly plants from your garden area, it is time to take a look at your soil and the pH levels. If you have not done so recently, it is important that you either aerate your soil to increase the air circulation in the soil or add additional organic mulch to maintain high soil pH levels. High soil pH levels are a huge problem for most gardens and by increasing the pH levels in the soil you will be better able to control both diseases and pests.

Top Gardening Tips

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One of the best early spring gardening tips involves using mulch. Mulch will not only keep moisture in the soil, but it will also help protect it from staining and rotting, as well as retain moisture better for the roots of the plants. This can be one of the most important gardening tips for early spring because it is during this time that most of the weeds begin to grow. By using mulch you can prevent some of these problems. Also, weed seeds are killed while the plants get a jump start on their new growing season.

Other than that, another one of the most important early spring gardening tips is that you water your garden often. It is extremely important to water your garden no less than once a week during this springtime. Remember to water your garden deeply, taking care to get out all of the deeply rooted grass and weeds. Watering deep down does two things for your garden; first it helps water the soil quicker which promotes root growth, and secondly it helps loosen up the soil for the next watering.

Fertilize Well

One more tip for early spring gardening is ensuring that you fertilize your garden before the plants even sprout their leaves. Fertilizing in early spring means that you will have all of your soil ready when the plants begin to grow and produce. Fertilizer works by encouraging the development of stronger roots for your plants, making them stronger and healthier. These early spring gardening tips are essential for ensuring that you fertilize your garden before your plants start producing leaves.

Finally, another important early spring tip is to prune your garden when it starts to wilt. Pruning your garden removes unwanted branches and other dead leaves and branches so that your garden looks better for the following year. Take care not to remove too many of your trees or plants, otherwise they may flower and bloom in the next year and become a nuisance to your garden.


By following the above mentioned early spring gardening tips, you will find that your garden is healthy and the plants are looking their best before the plants start to flower. It is also important that you fertilize your garden early in the season so that you have all of your soil prepared for the planting season. When you fertilize your garden, it will help it to develop healthy root systems for the coming season. With these tips, you can be sure that your garden will be thriving when it comes to early spring gardening.

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