Garden Pond: Tips For Building

Garden Pond: Tips For Building

A garden pond looks very beautiful and elegant. Whether it is a fish pond or a shallow water body, it adds a touch of glamor to your yard.  But, to create a natural-looking pond needs some guidelines.

Following these tips, you can make the pond easily and also maintain it.

Garden Pond: Tips For Building
Garden Pond: Tips For Building

Garden Pond Perimeter As Same As Height

When you are starting to dig the pond, keep in mind that the whole perimeter should be close to a similar height. Reaching the exact level is tricky, but it should be as near as you can make.

Shallow Or Deep Pond

First, decide whether you want a shallow pond or deep one. It determines the expenses as well as look of it.

Protecting Bottom Layer Of Garden Pond From Burrowing Animals

Many burrowing pests like moles or the groundhogs might dig holes in the garden. Though you keep filling the holes, they might move to the pond bottom and start eating the pond liner. Thus, when digging the pond, put a hardware cloth as the base. Over it spread the dirt layer. If the sides also have dirt layer instead of wall block, then you need to lay the hardware cloth there first.

Pond Size Similar To Pond Liner

The pond will have the size as that of the pond liner. The EPDM liners are excellent, but they are costly. However, PVC liners are inexpensive. If you have a low budget, you need to decide which liner you will use. It can increase the cost manifold.

Go For Basic Shapes Of Garden Pond

You might want to create a pond with some intricate shapes and curves to make it attractive. But, as the process goes, these shapes are lost. So, it is wise to stick to some basic shapes.

Spillover Drain At The Top

It is evident that the pond will overflow unless you stay in the arid and parched area. It can happen in some dry areas too. So, it is better that you build a spillover point when digging the pond. This way, the excess water can reach a safe place instead of going towards your house.

Say No To The Vertical Walls Of Garden Pond

Stay away from making tall and vertical walls of the pond. It will make the task harder at the time of applying stones. It is because it is very tough to stick natural loose rocks in a vertical position. The banks of the pond should be at an angle of 45 degrees or less.

Outside Water Filter For Maintenance

It is wise to use a water filter externally to maintain the pond easily. Otherwise, you need to skim the water manually and continuously. The automatic water filer works at particular intervals, making you free of tension.

Garden Pond: Tips For Building
Garden Pond: Tips For Building

Garden Pond Bottom Should Be Terraced

The sloping bottom may lead to falling of stones and rocks. Thus, terrace it when you are digging the pond. Each terrace should be 6 inches high than the previous one.

Pond Liner Should Have Cover

As the UV rays of the sun affect the pond liner, you must cover it adequately. You can use smooth gravel or rocks or pebbles from the river to cover the liner.

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