How To Choose Proper Garden Pots

Are you looking for purchasing some garden pots for your garden? Then, this post will be helpful for you. Actually, it’s very important to be familiar with the strategies of selecting the most suitable pots for your garden. So, let’s start the discussion.

An Introduction To Garden Pots

Congrats! You have successfully arranged some plants to develop a beautiful garden. Now, it’s time to place them in pots. But, you can’t choose any arbitrary planter for your plants. Go through the tips below, and you’ll better understand how to select the one.

Choose Your Options

Many times, “planter” and “pot” are used as synonyms of each other. Pots basically come in a smaller size and round shape. On the contrary, planters often come for outdoor uses and of irregular size.

Pots can accommodate one plant but planters can hold multiple plants. Many people perceive these two terms to indicate plant containers for indoors. So, you need to find out your requirement first.

How To Choose Proper Garden Pots
How To Choose Proper Garden Pots

Check For The Drainage Facility When Choosing Garden Pots

Whether you’re looking for garden pots or planters, always search for ones with drainage. It specifically holds true if you’re going to test your watering capabilities.

Already have some pots without drainage? Then, you can easily add this feature with some simple do-it-yourself tasks. Either you can use lava rocks or make it possible by drilling a hole via its base.

While it comes to the lava rocks strategy, your planter will remain intact. But, you must be careful about watering every time. But, a hole in a planter will further need a tray to take the flowing water (if any).

Correct Size Is Very Important

If you select an excessively small pot for your plants, the result will be lack of water. Moreover, the plants will also not get nutrients and oxygen. These components are essential for good health and proper growth of plants.

On the other hand, excessively big-sized pots can cause considerable moist soil. This state also results in insufficient oxygen.

Moreover, the plant roots will be in an immersing state. However, many times, such moist, cool soil can cause a lot of plant problems. Leaf spot and powdery mildew make some common examples of fungal growth in this regard.

How To Choose Proper Garden Pots
How To Choose Proper Garden Pots

What About Pores?

Are you ready to select garden pots for your plants? It’s very important to consider the material of your planter.

Some commonly available options include wood, terracotta, or plastic. It’s a must to select porous planters. Terracotta is a common example in this regard and its drying capacity is more than the plastic pots.

Moreover, you can also opt for earthenware or ceramic for your planters. However, plastic doesn’t come with porous capability. And so its drying capacities are the slowest. Moreover, it also causes pollution.

More Points

Remember, you need to properly take care of your plants and without a proper planter, it’s not possible. However, if weight is your concern, you can opt for fiberglass planters.

Now, you’re familiar with the tips through which you can choose appropriate garden pots for your house. Do you want to know more about this topic? Then, you should contact an experienced gardener.

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