How to Choose the Right Kitchen Garden Pots?

kitchen garden pots

African violent herb plant is known to be one of the most reliable kitchen garden pots used by many households around the globe. Its easy maintenance, unique color, and attractive flowers have made it very popular for its use as a kitchen garden pot’s inner rim. But many people think that African Violent is really expensive. They cannot understand why the price of such pot is so expensive. They do not know that apart from being easily available and reasonably priced, it also requires very little care and maintenance and is able to withstand any kind of weather conditions.

So you can easily understand where the problem lies. The pots are not able to drain properly due to poor drainage mesh. If this mesh is faulty, it leads to the accumulation of moisture in your hanging planter pots causing molds on the planter surface. Mold can also destroy your precious African Violent plant. So to avoid all these unwanted disasters, make sure the drainage mesh is checked regularly by attaching a drain ring to it.

Kitchen Garden Pots

A vase of flowers on a plant

The next mistake that people often commit is not maintaining their pots correctly. As African violence is a vine, it has certain requirements to maintain in order to avoid mold and other unwanted damages. Your pots should be kept away from direct sunlight and the edges of the planter must be kept dry to prevent cracking.

A simple way to provide easy care for your African violet flowering plant is by using easy-care silicone caulking. It helps you to maintain your pots with ease. It prevents water retention, keeps the root temperatures, and maintains the humidity level of your plants. Also, its seamless mesh surface allows excess water to drain off and provides an environment which is ideal for growing living herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Herbs are very sensitive and delicate plants that require constant protection from harsh elements of weather. In case of extreme temperatures, they can die very quickly. The best option is to go in for clear white plastic pots. This will keep the heat from getting to the roots of the plants. The good thing is that this type of pot can also be used for other types of flowering plants. In fact, herbs do very well in a ceramic pot as long as you don’t overwater them.

A Much Ado 

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Another important factor is shape. There are many types and designs available in the market. For example, you have the glossy black square pots, stainless steel rectangular pots, round polished pots, square pebble-shape pots, square polishing process pots holder, triangular rectangular polished pots, square acrylic pots, round glossy modern design pots and many more. You should also choose the material carefully. Clay is always the most durable material but there are some other materials that also work. Some of the materials that work better are metal, glass, clear plastic, ceramic, wood, paper and many more.

When it comes to the potters, you should look for the high quality durable plastic material. Plastic pots are very easy to maintain. You need not to worry about its color, shape and size. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. The important point to note here is that you should make sure that the potters are made using a high-quality resin material. You should look for the high quality durable polymer which can withstand the extremes of weather conditions.

Final Thoughts 

These are some of the factors to consider when you are going to purchase kitchen garden pots. You should also take into consideration the space factor. Make sure that you have adequate space to place the pot in your kitchen. Remember that a large pot may look good in your living room but it is definitely not going to look good in your kitchen garden pots.

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