How To Grow Your Plants Vertically

Vertical Garden: What Can You Plant It In?

What Is A Vertical Garden?

Vertical gardens are exactly what they sound like – they grow vertically! This means that they grow upwards with supporting skeleton or trellis instead of the conventional gardens that grow in the ground. While vertical garden is conventionally used to grow ferns, of late, they have also been used to grow flowers and even vegetables.

Vertical Garden: What Can You Plant It In?
Vertical Garden: What Can You Plant It In?

Many metro cities like Delhi and Bangalore have now started planting these types of gardens along the main road or large skyscrapers. The benefit of having such a garden is that they do not need any extra space and can be grown on an existing surface and can help beautify it. It is also a great mode of recycling old containers and can help cut down waste products in a city. Here are a few of the things that you can plant vertical gardens in.

Tin Can Vertical Garden

Tin cans can be used to grow tiny potted plants. Painted tin cans can further add to the beauty of the garden and can be stuck or suspended against the wall of the house.

Vertical Garden: What Can You Plant It In?
Vertical Garden: What Can You Plant It In?

Clay Pot Type

Commonly found hanging in balconies, these tiny pots are largely used for planting vertical gardens. Very many houses (especially in urban areas) that don’t have enough gardening space often make use of this technique. It is a great favorite with those living in apartments and one can often see balconies lined with a vertical garden made from clay pots.

Glass Terrarium Type

Although very delicate, this kind of vertical garden can add greatly to the sophistication of the house. While it needs to be handled with care and suspended with a strong nylon rope to prevent it from falling and breaking, tiny plants inside these glass terrariums make for a delightful sight at home.

Dresser Type

Old dressers that you no longer have any use for can be up cycled into a beautiful vertical garden. To create a cascading effect, each compartment of the dresser has to be opened in ascending order to ensure that plants at each level receive equal sunlight and water.

Hanging Bottle Type

The next time you buy a bottle of soda, do not throw it away after finishing your drink. Instead, cut a tiny rectangle in the middle, fill the bottle with soil, plant some seeds. Then hang it up or stick it against a wall as you watch plants sprouting.

Vertical Garden: What Can You Plant It In?
Vertical Garden: What Can You Plant It In?

Hanging Bucket Type

This one is as simple as it sounds. Just grab a couple of steel buckets (you can paint them if you so wish) and suspend them with nylon ropes or mount them onto a frame before you start planting.

They are useful because apart from the economical usage of space. They make a corner of your house perfect for clicking artsy pictures! So don’t wait anymore. Grab anything you wish, get started with your garden and stun your viewers with breathtaking pictures!

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