Ideas For Garden Furniture: 8 Ideas

Ideas For Garden Furniture

One thing that almost everyone pictures about summer is in your garden or backyard, soaking in the summer sun. Even in the winters, it’s nice to sit under the sun to get some warmth. To make the experience of sunbathing even better, decking up your backyard with garden furniture should do the deed. There are a lot of different kinds of garden furniture available that will make your spaces look cozy and quirky.

Some Must-Have Pieces Of Garden Furniture

#1 Poufs

Poufs are flat sofas without a back – they are just a seat. However, poufs have a few different types. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. This type of garden furniture is relatively inexpensive, but it depends on the size and design of the seat as well. You can buy a pouf that looks like a kiwi or a watermelon from a vendor named Garden Selections at about $31.

#2 Foldable Furniture

Ideas For Garden Furniture
Ideas For Garden Furniture

Foldable furniture is one of the best varieties of garden furniture. Foldable chairs are light, so they can be picked up quickly and removed in case it begins to rain. Aside from this, foldable chairs and tables are also comfortable to store. Since they become flat, they can be slid into any corner to store them. You may purchase a foldable chair from Habitat at about $60.

#3 Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is a type of garden furniture which is made by weaving together Rattan (a material obtained from palm). It is a flexible material, and the furniture made out of it is waterproof, which also does not rust. You can buy rattan chairs, tables with glass over them, stools, etc. to make your garden comfier for you. Rattan furniture is available at Habitat, at about $590.

Garden Furniture#4 Quirky Furniture

To make your yard look a bit extravagant, you can add different and quirky garden furniture. You could either have a lot of colors – bright colored sofas with different colored cushions. Mixing and matching it up can add an amusing vibe to your garden. This can include something like the watermelon and kiwi poufs, or a single sofa which has a faux grass upholstery, using which it will blend into the grass in your garden. You may purchase the faux grass sofa at about $895.

#5 A Garden Swing Seat

Ideas For Garden Furniture
Ideas For Garden Furniture

A round seat that hangs from a curved rod to which it’s connected. The hanging position allows you to swing back and forth while soaking in the sun and reading a book. You may purchase this at $460 from Cox & Cox. A garden furniture swing set, which includes cushions and a headrest for the seat, too.

Garden Furniture: #6 Outdoor Kitchen

One of the best types of garden furniture to have, especially if you love to entertain people at home, is an outdoor kitchen set. A typical outdoor kitchen set includes a sink, chopping boards, storage space on a low shelf, etc. The one available at Conran Shop is priced at almost $4000.

#7 Teepee Beds & Hammocks

A teepee bed is a small bed that can be hung off of a tree or anything else that can carry your weight. It is similar to a hammock, in the sense that hammocks are also hung up. As far as garden furniture is concerned, teepee beds and hammocks are a fabulous addition. You can buy a teepee bed for $156 at and a hammock for $217 at Out There Interiors.

Garden Furniture: #8 Igloo

An igloo or a gazebo is an excellent piece of garden furniture because it removes the need to go back into your house with all of your belongings if it begins to rain. For example, you may be reading a book in the garden, but it begins to rain. If you have an igloo, you can just stay inside it without a problem. An igloo would cost you about $1940 on DFS.

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