Ideas For Inspiration: DIY Plant Stand Decorating For Your New Home


Over the years, I’ve had many “ideas for inspiration” in my home. I’d like to share a few with you that can be used as a good starting point when shopping for a new plant stand. The following ideas are for indoor or outdoor planting that is sturdy and long-lasting, yet not too extravagant.

There are many places to look for the right plants for your garden, and finding the right plants can be very rewarding. While it’s important to decide on what plants will work best in your yard, it’s equally important to select ones that look great in your home. With some creativity, these ideas for inspiration will help.

One of the first things to consider is the look and style appeal of the room. You’ll want to choose plants that work well in any room, but it’s important to make sure they fit well into your decor. It’s often more difficult to plant a succulent in a formal living room, for example, because it doesn’t naturally grow in this space.

Ideas For Inspiration:

Ideas For Inspiration: DIY Plant Stand Decorating For Your New Home
Ideas For Inspiration: DIY Plant Stand Decorating For Your New Home

After you decide what style appeal is needed for your home, the next step is to consider the color. Of course, color plays a big part in determining whether or not a plant will thrive in your particular space. Consider a unique idea for the home that could make your choice easier, such as a little storybook feel, or something more rustic. Whatever you choose, though, be sure to allow for the availability of natural sunlight, as it will determine whether or not your plant will bloom or flower.

Another key consideration is the perfect plant stand. The plant stand will provide support for the plants, and it will also provide the opportunity to sit and admire the beauty of the flowers, and their surroundings. Be sure to take measurements of the space before purchasing a stand to ensure it will accommodate your choices.

Your stand should also be able to accommodate different types of plants that may need shade during a special event. Additionally, some types of plants may require plenty of space, while others may need less. It’s important to do your research so you can make the best decision possible.

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Just as important as choosing the right plant, is the design sense of the display. Many people don’t put enough thought into their display or choose a poorly chosen plant stand. Do your research and buy the best you can afford. If you’re working with an inexpensive stand, it’s important to consider how much light your display is receiving.

A perennial option will grow twice as fast as annuals, for example, so make sure to pay attention to this. Also, avoid compact perennials and choose those that grow tall and spread out for an easy-to-view and enjoy the arrangement. Some plants can be grouped together to make the best displays. In general, though, grouping plants of the same type is best.

If you’re interested in grouping your beautiful flowers, consider grouping plants with similar characteristics. For example, if you’re interested in grouping daisies together, choose similar colors and blooms for each type of daisy. You can also group plants that will complement each other, and have them complement each other if you’re looking to make the best impression with a single plant.

Use a separate container for each grouping of plants, to accentuate their grouping. If you want a varied effect, use several different containers. Use individual containers for your perennials, and plant the same types of plants in separate containers for a multi-color grouping.

Bottom Line:

Ideas For Inspiration: DIY Plant Stand Decorating For Your New Home
Ideas For Inspiration: DIY Plant Stand Decorating For Your New Home

When you’re arranging your flowers in the flower container, think about how the plants will grow if they’re transplanted, or cut back to a smaller size. The shapes of the plants are more important than the actual colors, however. Consider what the blooms look like when they are fully grown, and look closely at the shape of the bulbs and leaves. This will enable you to enhance the bouquet through the placement of the flowers in the flower container.

Flower arrangements for the indoors include mixed types of flowers, such as roses and gardenias, or hydrangeas with flowers in rows of peonies, geraniums, or tulips. Use various arrangements to create a one-of-a-kind look or open display.