Ikea Indoor Gardening Tips

Ikea Indoor Gardening

If you possess a green thumb, then you must have heard of Ikea gardening. It is one of the most relaxed gardening methods that you would want to invest in, and the result will be satisfactory. The garden look will be complete, and there are some interesting DIY tips to put your efforts in. The style will look out of the box and comprise an unconventional outlook. There are numerous Ikea accessories and equipment that you can find on the e-commerce platforms, and you can get it within the budget as well.

Succulent Garden In Ikea Cart-Ikea Indoor Gardening

A kitchen with a sink and a window

The Ikea cart is made out of three tiers, and it is highly durable as well. You can plant a lot of succulents on these three layers, and it will change the entire look of the garden. This is a trendy accessory that you can check out on the platforms like Amazon. If you do not have succulents, the cactus plants will look good on them too. You can place it in the corner of your home and even in the center of the garden to make the spot attractive.

Window Herb Garden

A close up of a green leaf

Why not put some plants on the windows to make the room look fresh? Now you can place the herbs on the window sill, and it will turn the specific spot into a real beauty. You can make use of the perfect curtain rods and other metal rods to hang the planters that you can get for less than 5 dollars. The window is the ideal place to get natural light, and that is why you would want to place the herbs.

Ikea Wire Bowl-Ikea Indoor Gardening

The Trading wire bowl is something that will look unique, and you can place it anywhere you want. It is a beautiful planting spot in which you can put flowering shrubs to make them look amazing. A planter is a great place for planting succulents as well, and you can plan for a vertical garden as well. There are various DIY projects in which you can create the ultimate planting frame with plywood. All you will need is good quality paint and some painting brushes. Once you are done and the entire thing is dry, then you can hang it vertically.

Herb Garden With Ikea Pots-Ikea Indoor Gardening

There are various planter styles that you can find, and you can place the pots on them. They are available in three and four tiers so that you can place a lot of plants, even in a small garden or balcony. You can place the plants like lucky bamboo and money plant- and even something unique like the fiddle leaf fig. The eCommerce platforms have a lot of different styles, and you can find them within a suitable price range. Besides, you can also invest a bit more for the large plants like acacia wood plant stand which will adorn your garden.


Now that you have a perfect idea about the best Ikea indoor gardening tips, you should start practicing them for your own good. You can get a lot of appreciation from your friends and family when you have a neat looking garden.

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