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indoor gardening gifts

Fall is the perfect time for giving gift ideas for indoor gardening. If you love to garden and need an excuse to get outside, the perfect gift is indoor gardening gifts! It’s cold out there, so gardening is perfect during the colder months. Plus, with all the great new gadgets out there for gardening, there are many ways to incorporate gardening into your life. Here are some wonderful indoor gardening gifts you can give this winter:

Humidifiers for your houseplants – This is one of the most popular indoor gardening gifts. Who doesn’t want their houseplants to stay nice and moist? With a humidifier, you can keep your plants from drying out and you’ll never have to worry about your favorite plants dying from lack of moisture again. The best thing about houseplants is that they’re not hardy plants, so you don’t have to worry about transplanting them from the floor to the window. Humidifiers work on just about everything indoor gardening gifts-peppers, peppers, strawberries, peppers, grape seedlings, and more.

Indoor Gardening Gifts

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A spiffy little lighted ballast – Your indoor gardening gifts that go beyond seeds and bulbs this year include a spiffy little lighted ballast that you can use in the middle of your vegetable garden. Most of us have plants sitting on the floor, but if you have a vegetable or fruit garden you’ll probably want to put them out of harm’s way each year. The ballast will help keep your plants safe from pests, falling leaves, and drips from the bottom of your feet.

A misting globe – Misting globes are indoor gardening gifts that are perfect for any indoor gardener. If you’ve ever seen one of these globes (made out of clear plastic instead of glass), you know that they have a wide, circular body with a wand along the bottom that will allow you to adjust the water level. This makes them great for growing delicate plants like roses. It also makes them perfect for misting herbs and spices that need to be dispersed evenly throughout the plant. You can do the same thing with indoor plants by placing the globe near the plants that you are working on.

An herb garden clock – I’m sure you have a favorite houseplant and an indoor gardener who spend every waking minute tending to his or her plants. I think it’s pretty cool when a houseplant enthusiast makes his or her own clock. If you’re going to give an indoor gardening gift this year to a houseplant enthusiast, make sure it is something they will actually use. For example, I would never give an indoor gardener a lava lamp as a houseplant gift because it would probably get destroyed within seconds if he or she didn’t know how to use it properly. Thankfully, there are many different types of clocks available to purchase online or in specialty stores that can make learning about and tending to your plants a fun, low-maintenance experience.

A Much Ado

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A book on houseplants – this is one of the most popular indoor gardening gifts available today. There are so many books with gorgeous images of indoor plants that it’s impossible to choose just one. These books are perfect for the houseplant enthusiast who loves to read but needs a little bit more guidance than pictures in a book can give. Some people even build their own house splash garden from scratch using these beautiful books as the basic guide.

Gardening tools and supplies – if you have a houseplant and a yard full of plants, then you know that watering is something that is crucial for healthy growth. While it is always nice to have a full set of gardening tools on hand, sometimes that’s just not enough. If you are giving one of these gifts to a houseplant enthusiast, make sure you get them a nice set of watering tools, not just a few cheap plastic watering cans. Some of the nicest indoor plant growing water systems actually come with a whole hose that connects to a reservoir that can be hooked up to a faucet. This is a much nicer feature than the cheap plastic watering cans that you can buy and then throw away after each use.

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the top gifts that are perfect for houseplant lovers on any occasion, including birthdays and Christmas. Most indoor gardeners know that growing plants is not always easy, but with these gifts, you will have no problem making the process easy and enjoyable. These gifts also make great gifts for any occasion, whether it is for special occasions like birthdays or housewarming gifts for a new houseplant.

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