Indoor Herb Gardening – Easy Growing Tips

indoor herb gardening

One of the biggest advantages of indoor herb gardening is the great cost savings. You could easily grow your favorite herbs for much less than you would pay at the grocery store or farmer’s market. The average price of fresh basil, for instance, can be $3-4 (or even more depending where you live) for just a single ounce. That’s just a few dollars to get some of the most popular, most flavorful herbs that you love.

Benefits Of Indoor Herb Gardening

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In addition to cost, another advantage of indoor herb gardening is a year-round availability. If you move around too much during the winter months, you can easily grow your favorite herbs right where they’re needed. With a typical indoor garden, you will need to bring them inside in the fall so that they can start growing in the spring. This means having to move your plants indoors each winter, but with perennials like alpine phlox, you will never have to worry about losing any of your favorite seasonal plants.

Another big plus with an indoor herb garden is that you don’t have to travel far to harvest your crops. Most perennial plants, such as mint and Rosemary, love moisture so you won’t have to worry about them dying when you’re not nearby. For perennials, the best time to harvest is late in the fall. Even winter crops (such as alpine phlox) will survive winter if you get them out of storage in the early winter. With annuals, though, you should take them out of storage about two weeks before you plan to plant them in your garden so that they are ready to grow well indoors all winter long.

Another great thing about indoor herb gardening is that you can adjust the level of light for your indoor plants. Some perennials do best with full sunlight, while others prefer partial light or just a little bit of indirect light. If your growing season is longer than anticipated, it’s important to know how much light your plants will need so that you can plan your indoor growing schedule accordingly. You can also set up timers so that your indoor plants will get a small amount of extra light during the evening when you aren’t gardening.

Different Varieties Of Herbs

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In addition to the different varieties of herbs you can grow, you can also grow herbs in pots instead of a garden bed. This is a great way to be able to bring new herbs into your home when you can’t get them outside. Growing herb plants in containers allows you to move them when the weather changes and you can easily move them in with your furniture when you decide to move. It also allows you to easily repot your garden with a handful of plants at a time if you have the space. This is one of the easiest ways to grow herbs indoors.

Most people are concerned about their environment when they choose to grow their own herbs in pots. It’s very important that you find an environment that your herbs will like. It would be awful to get all of your favorite fresh herbs only to have them die out because the soil they were growing in was too hard or acidic for their liking. Fortunately, indoor herb gardening can easily fix these problems if you choose a pH and soil setting that is perfect for your plants.

Indoor Herb Gardening Tips

One of the most convenient ways to grow herbs indoors that doesn’t require a windowsill is to plant them directly into the kitchen windowsill. You can plant them either in the bottom of a half pint plastic basket or in a one-fourth inch wide potting bench top. Be sure to place your container on the kitchen windowsill before you put your seeds in so that it has plenty of light from at least one side of the windowsill. Once you’ve put in your seeds wait for them to germinate. They usually need about four to six weeks to start producing sprouts but you don’t have to water them excessively while they’re growing.


If you’re interested in growing herbs from seed then you have plenty of choices. You can buy organic seeds at a local gardening store or order them online. Another option is to use Mediterranean herbs that have been grown indoors for many years. These herbs have very large blooms and you can actually grow them by planting them directly into your kitchen window. With any of these methods of indoor herb gardening you’ll be able to enjoy fresh herbs in no time!

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