Interesting Facts About Urban Gardening

Interesting Facts About Urban Gardening

The city dwellers are often found saying, “I love growing my fruits and vegetables, but I do not have enough space.” It is true that gardening in an urban region is not as easy as trying your hands on a fertile countryside, but at the same time, it is far from being impossible. More and more people are going for urban gardening, considering its significant benefits.

Interesting Facts About Urban Gardening
Interesting Facts About Urban Gardening

What Is Urban Gardening?

As is suggested by the name, it is city gardening. To work into the details, it is a mishmash of approaches and also techniques used for raising crops in thickly populated regions. Nevertheless, there are no one-size fits all technique due to the changing nature of the urban centers. Instead, there are several practices and solutions undertaken by gardeners. For example, restaurants in the cities can have their very own herbal shrubberies; cooperatives can rear bees for some good quality honey, and families can plan container gardens in patios.

The Influence Of City Gardening

At present, city dwellers are trying to get rid of the habit of buying food products from supermarkets. They are taking up the initiative of producing sustainable and local food.

  • In recent times, urban planting is not merely being used for food security.
  • Individuals find great solace in growing plants in offices and homes.
  • It also helps in increasing their social and emotional well-being while reducing the levels of stress. You might find it silly, but because of city planting, people have become physically active.
  • After all, there is a lot to do in maintaining an orchard- digging holes, tilling, soil, and cutting harvest.
  • Nowadays, this kind of gardening is practiced in communal areas where every individual gets a specific plot for sowing plants.
  • You can easily become an urban cultivator by growing plants on window sills and also balconies.
Interesting Facts About Urban Gardening
Interesting Facts About Urban Gardening

Ideas On Growing An Urban Patch

Despite the fact that growing plants need affection and care, fortunately, they also require three basic things, and they are water, light, and soil. You do not even need to plant the crops in the soil. You can have a container in your small apartment. Use it for growing your favorite produce.

  • Sunlight is important. Ensure finding an area where the plants have easy access to a minimum of six to eight hours of direct sunlight on a regular basis.
  • You can grow the plants on a rooftop, on window containers, in patios and also in hanging baskets.
  • Drainage is critical. Since the plants remain potted, you will have to water regularly. Ensure that the pots have proper holes.
  • Soil depth also has a vital role to play. The shallow-rooted crops need six inches deep soil while the deeper rooted ones require a soil depth of 1 foot.
  • Content of the soil is also critical. Go with potting soil as it perfectly drains excessive water.
  • Watering the urban garden every day is a big Yes!

Urban gardening is fun for the entire family, provided it is done in the right way.

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