July Gardening Tips Vegetables To Grow In July Month

july gardening tips

It is more fun to eat vegetables grown at home. It is necessary to eat nutritious and delicious vegetables to keep yourself and your family healthy. And if we want to get it throughout the year, then you should make a garden of green vegetables in the empty space around your house. 

You will get the benefit from this that you will get fresh vegetables and without chemical medicines and pure organic vegetables. This summer, you can plant some vegetables in your garden that require warmer temperatures. 

That is why today we will tell you about some such vegetables that can be easily grown at home.

 1. Legumes 

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Beans are tasty and very nutritious in eating. The dish it falls into makes it a special dish. Not only this, but it is also very easy to grow at home. It is sown between June and July. You can also apply it in a small place; for this, plant its plants in a line and give it manure and water. This tree will grow quickly. 

2. Cucumber 

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Cucumber is the fruit of summer, there is no shortage of water in summer, and there is no risk of heatstroke during summer. You can plant it in your garden. Because its tree is like a vine, so you can decorate it beautifully. 

3. Tomatoes 

Tomatoes are used for cooking every day. By the way, tomatoes will also be available from the market, but you can also grow them in your home if you want. The most important thing about growing it is that you can grow it in any pot or container. For this, you will not need a garden from any big place.

 4. Eggplant

 Brinjal is also a vegetable of tomato variety, and you can easily grow it at home too. June-July is the right time to sow it. Also, keep in mind that if insects are found in it very quickly, then at the time of transplanting, sprinkle insecticide.

5- Mushrooms

Mushrooms are still not grown in India in the same way as in other countries. Porcinis and Chintaratra are two such mushrooms that you can plant in hot weather. It contains plenty of nutritional elements.

6- Bitter Gourds

Bitter gourd is a seasonal vine that grows in a warm climate with the proper availability of sunlight. If it is grown in the months of April and May, it will grow well. Bitter gourd can be grown either by sowing its seeds or transplanting can also be done. First, dig a half-inch of land and spread two to three seeds in it. By soaking the seed in the water a day before, it will grow well. When you sow the seeds, sprinkle water on the soil. 

Then in 2-3 days, it will start growing. These plants do not require much care. Just give them plenty of water from time to time. When the fruit looks light green, and the inside is white and juicy, then you can break it. It takes 3-4 months to grow it.


So, in our July gardening tips, we will recommend the readers to go ahead and plant these vegetables in their backyard.

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