Pot Gardening Ideas – Everything You Need To Know

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Everyone has some open space near their balcony, doorway, or window, and filling that space with plants is the best option. Adding plants to your place makes it more beautiful, but it brings you closer to nature. Our life revolves around plants, and adding them near our room makes us feel connected to nature. Moreover, you can use various herbs and leaves for your kitchen, which will add taste and good health to your life. Moreover, gardening can help you relieve stress, and once you enjoy taking care of plants, you will observe how much joy you feel when you are closer to nature. Taking care of plants is exciting and easy, making your space look colorful and healthy. Therefore if you are new to gardening or want to gain more knowledge regarding port gardening ideas, scroll down to this article, and you will get everything you need to know.

Buying Pots; Pot Gardening Ideas

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The simple rule while buying a pot is to buy bigger pots if you have space. There is a simple answer to buying bigger pots, as you can store more soil in big pots, which will help the plant spread its roots more, and your plant will grow much more significantly and faster in big pots. When you have small containers, the water can quickly get soaked up, and the soil becomes dry on summer days, which affects your plant’s growth. However, keep in mind what type of plant you will grow in that pot, so buy accordingly. If you want mixed planting, buy big pots and tubs so they can quickly spread their roots. Most importantly, buy light color pots so they do not absorb heat and keep your plants cool.

Look For Water Drainage; Pot Gardening Ideas

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When you are buying pots, flip the pot and see if they have suitable drainage holes. Drainage holes are essential for your plants to grow correctly and fastly. If there is no hole, then water clogging can kill your plants; however, you can drill holes in your plant, but make sure you do not break the pot. The holes should be of decent size as large holes can drain all the water. You should add some pebbles at the bottom to enhance the drainage of water in your pot.

Prepare Your Soil; Pot Gardening Ideas

The most prominent mistake people make while gardening is using ordinary soil. You should know that plants have specific needs, and you have to prepare specific soil for plants. Make sure to use high-quality soil mixture for your plants, and buy from a good nursery. You can even prepare a potting mixture by yourself. Bring some red soil, organic compost, and vermicompost, mix it well, and place the soil in the pot.

Ending Line

Once you arrange all the pots and plants, please place them in a suitable place to get enough sunlight. Make sure to change the position of plants according to sunlight and their needs so they stay healthy. It is better to do planting at the terrace as it is easy and you do not have to worry about the plants

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