Reasons To Use Solar Lanterns In Your Occasions

Reasons To Use Solar Lanterns In Your Occasions

A number of Solar lanterns are designed for outdoor occasions such as the holidays. This article examines the advantages and disadvantages of these lanterns when used outdoors.

One great feature of lanterns is that they operate on solar power. This allows them to be powered by a single light source which is quite easy to use. They can be powered by a head or a battery and often come with a rechargeable power pack.

The Designs Of The Solar Lanterns

Some designs have “draw cords” which draw power from an outlet while others use solar panels which can be powered by a battery. No matter how the lantern is powered it provides a very bright light. The solar panels are usually attached directly to the lantern body, so there is no need for wiring or sockets. This makes it easier to move, store and transport than other styles of lanterns.

The energy that is used to power the light comes from the sunlight through either a battery or solar panel. The charge is stored in a series of batteries which can either be stored in a stand or plugged into a mains supply to continue to light when the batteries are fully charged. The number of batteries stored in the lantern is normally indicated on the package.

There are a number of reasons why many people choose to use solar lanterns over other types of lanterns. These include:

Why Should You Use The Solar Lanterns

One of the best reasons to use solar lanterns is that they are relatively inexpensive. If you want to use one for an outdoor occasion it can be cheaper to buy one for each person than to buy many other types of lanterns. You can also buy them at a discount for large gatherings because the purchase is in bulk. When you buy them this way the cost per unit will be very low.

The main disadvantage of solar lanterns is that they can be easily damaged by UV radiation. The number of batteries used in the unit is important as they are used a lot. The bigger the lantern the more energy it will require. The smaller the lantern the more battery power it will need to function effectively.

People may find that they do not have enough time to light up every person who stops by. In these situations a backup solar system is an important consideration. A lantern which has a backup will not only provide a small backup but will provide some form of power in case the main battery runs out.

Reasons To Use Solar Lanterns In Your Occasions
Reasons To Use Solar Lanterns In Your Occasions

Easy To Install Lanterns

Lanterns are very easy to install. There are very few moving parts and the lanterns are designed to fit almost any type of lantern frame. Since they are lightweight they can be installed easily and quickly.

A number of states have laws that prohibit the sale of “hack”rechargable” lanterns and they are banned from many sites in places such as state fairs. Solar lanterns have been produced which do not meet these requirements. It is important to check to see if the lantern you want to purchase meets these laws before purchasing it.

Many solar lanterns have batteries that will charge through any type of electrical source. Many lanterns come with a built in backup battery and a full charge will last for around four hours when used alone.

Bottom Line

Lanterns are useful for all kinds of outdoor occations. In addition to providing a very bright light, they are very affordable. So if you want to enjoy some moments away from the mainstream celebration, you should consider using a solar lantern.

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