Solar Rope Lights LED Garden

Solar Rope Lights LED Garden

Like every daisy need daily watering to shine, like the moon needs the sunray to get lighten up and glow in the night, you need solar rope lights LED Garden in the backyard, balcony, roof, garden, or whatever you want to place it.

Solar Rope Lights LED Garden 

Festivals without a proper vigorous decoration is an apathetic sight to watch. Just a decoration with lights makes a tremendous change in mood, thoughts, one’s notion belief in their life. Moreover, lights play a vital role in eliminating emptiness in one’s life. Darkness can only be separated from views. So pull out the night and dive into the enthusiasm of solar rope light LED Garden lights who’s lights are generated directly from the sunray. Moreover, you can enjoy the morning sunshine even in the evening it’s time to make the sun visit your place.

Quick Installation

Perfect for decorating, it’s straightforward to install were ever to want to. When perfection and best choice meet together, they are the best combinations you can find. However, it is perfect as it matches all the needs satisfies your demand and helps you give an energetic and enthusiastic look at your house, workplace, provides a dynamic and lively decoration to your party, festivals. Solar Rope Lights LED Garden. Moreover, there will be no trouble popping up fixing the lights up as they are flexible and can be bend to any shape of your choice, so no breakage to be witnessed.

Environmental Friendly

Nowadays, we humans enjoy our life more or less harming the environment and damaging nature, which is not acceptable because when mother nature returns it, we are too weak to appreciate it. So it is better to take a step to lead our life with the more eco – friendly way we can. Solar rope light LED Garden light is eco-friendly as the source of energy is the sunray and rechargeable by a solar panel.


As the lights are eco – friendly, so you are saving your bills 100 %. Parties, Festivals, gatherings will be getting lightened up, and the other hands minimizing your decoration cost a d unnecessary bills on lights.


  • surface mmount technology LED bulbs
  • Battery Type: Solar; environmental Friendly and the battery is rechargeable with solar energy.
  • Material: Copper, copper body, transparent PVC plastic the organization will cover with transparent PVC plastic, so the lights are waterproof as well.
  • Length: 7m long to decorate your place properly able duration: 2m, light from 10cm.
  • Battery size: 72 x 72 x 22mm in one packet.


A motive to be economically eco-friendly products to produce, with the ability to be mold and adjust with your wish and desire. On the other hand, it is waterproof so grab the deal as early you can. Moreover, good people and sales are scarce to find. Therefore, make your self a promise to go environmental friendly with Solar Rope Lights LED Garden lights.

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