The Best Way To Clean Patio Furniture Effectively

The Best Way To Clean Patio Furniture Effectively

I’ve been thinking about how to clean patio furniture lately and have finally come up with the best way to clean patio furniture. Here’s how to clean patio furniture.

Tips For Cleaning Patio
The Best Way To Clean Patio Furniture Effectively

First of all, you should try to avoid the dirt, dust, and grime that builds upon the surface of the furniture when you are cleaning it. So, try to get rid of all the hair, dirt, mud, and any kind of stains that may have built up from last year’s rain or from the use of a hairdryer to straighten the lines on your clothes. These elements are the worst culprits when it comes to causing rust to build up and ruining the finish on your furniture.

Best Way To Clean Patio

First, you should make sure you clean your furniture with non-abrasive, non-detergent, non-solvent cleaners. You’ll also want to be sure that you only use a half-gallon bucket for this type of cleaning and let it soak in the tub. I like to use a hand-held sprayer that doesn’t come with a bucket. I use one of those for more delicate items like rugs or cushions.

It will take only two or three sprays to remove the dirt and keep the furniture looking new again, but if you use the proper cleaner it will remove the water and dirt without stripping the grout. If you only use a can of regular dish detergent for cleaning it will still leave an unpleasant sticky film that can ruin the finish on your furniture.

Next, use a brush and scrubbing cloth to gently clean the finish on the grout. Then, use your non-abrasive cleaner, but don’t use anything abrasive.

Cleaning Patio

To clean the dirt from the surface of your patio furniture, simply use a garden hose and spray down the furniture. You will need to spray down several times, but I find that is sufficient to clean any dirt from the surface. You may find that the grease from your cooking food adds to the soil you need to remove.

If you want to make sure you get every bit of dirt and grease off the surface, try using a water jet, or even a hand-held vacuum cleaner. There are also professional cleaners that you can buy. They typically cost a bit more than the cheaper alternatives, but they’re worth it.

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Now, when it comes to cleaning patio furniture, there are several things you should know before you begin. Here are a few tips.

– Make sure you use a specific time for cleaning as well as a specific type of cleaner. If you’re cleaning your patio furniture every day, then use water and non-abrasive soap combination. If you’re cleaning your patio furniture every other day, then use a cleaner that isn’t water-based and requires no hot water.

– Always put water and a mild cleaner specifically designed for patio furniture in a bucket before starting the cleaning process. This will help your cleaner sink deep into the surface of the material.

Bottom Line

Best Way To Clean Patio Effectively
The Best Way To Clean Patio Furniture Effectively

– Consider using a Terry cloth towel. You can use these towels and protect your furniture against the wind, rain, or any other rain that may come along. Plus, Terry cloth towels aren’t nearly as expensive as you might think and are just as good.

Use these tips and you’ll find that the use of the towels will be a great way to clean your patio furniture without damaging the finish. Enjoy your outdoor living space!

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