Top Tire Gardening Ideas For Your New Garden

tire gardening ideas

Tire gardening ideas are a recent concept in the gardening world. What is this technique about? It involves creating small gardens under your trees in order to harvest fresh and aromatic flowers that only bloom during certain seasons, such as summer and spring. The idea is to make a small “garden within a garden,” so to speak.

Make Your Own Tire Garden Without Any Special Tools Or Expertise

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You can make your own tire garden without any special tools or expertise. All you need are special tires for your lawn mower, and some potting soil and compost. Some people choose to purchase their own pots and soil mixes from a gardening store or nursery. Other people prefer to go online and visit specialty gardening websites to purchase their supplies.

When shopping for your plant stock, consider the climate in your area. Determine the “season” when you plant, and buy your plants and soil supplies in that season. For example, you might buy all your potting soil and fertilizer in the fall and then plant your bulbs in the winter. You should do some testing to be sure your plants will survive the change in temperature and adjust accordingly.

Starting With The Bulbs That Will Need The Least Water In The Winter

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When it comes to your bulbs, it’s best to plan ahead by starting with the bulbs that will need the least water in the winter. These bulbs include hydrangeas, irises, and daffodils. Once you know what “season” your garden will be in, you can plan your planting schedule by buying the proper tires for your garden and soil conditions. Many tire gardening ideas involve using different size tires on various types of vegetation.

The type of bulbs you plant depends on your tire gardening ideas. Bulbs should be purchased when they are young, so they will grow fast and be available to you when you need them. Keep in mind that watering requirements may differ between bulbs; make sure you know before you buy your bulbs.

Important To Follow Your Planting Schedule – Top Tire Gardening Ideas

It’s important to follow your planting schedule, and not cross paths with other growing plants or bushes. Bamboo, ivy, and boxwood should all be planted apart, and any buds you want to grow should be planted in their own pots. If you do cross paths, make sure you take the time to prune all your bushes to prevent unwanted growth. Pruning your bushes keeps them healthy and increases the chances of them blooming.

When it comes to your bulbs and growing plants, another one of the top tire gardening ideas is to buy organic soil. Organic soil will provide nutrients needed for your plants and help eliminate potential toxins from the soil. This can be very helpful in the long run, as pesticides have been shown to be damaging to plants over time. A compost pile is an excellent source for organic soil. Once you’ve added your organic soil mix to your bed, you can begin planting.

Wrapping Up

A final, but important part of any successful tire garden is the type of pot you choose to plant your seeds and bulbs in. You can purchase a pot from a garden store or online, but keep in mind that a cast iron pot will give off an acidic atmosphere that may harm your plants. So choose a pot that is made from ceramic, glass, or plastic. Cast aluminum pots will be more resistant to temperature fluctuations and will also retain heat better than other types of pots.

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