Top Ways Of Indoor Window Gardening That You Must Know

A close up of a flower garden in front of a building

Gardening is one of the best ways to get rid of boredom and pass your time easily. It is one of the ways in which you can let go of all your stress and relax for a while. Being near nature soothes you and helps you get rid of any bad feelings that you might have. It is a calming aura that surrounds you if you go into the garden. If you are planning to grow small plants inside your home then window gardening is something that you can do. It is an easy way to nurture plants inside your home and it also makes the home look prettier. There are many ways of indoor window gardening that you can try and these indoor window gardening tips are easy to follow. You will see that your plants are growing with ease and your home is looking amazing with the help of these plants. 

Hanging Window Garden

A close up of a cage

A hanging window garden is one of the best ideas of indoor window gardening because it does not take up space in the window. The best place for this gardening is your kitchen window and you can grow a herb garden here in this manner. This is a great idea because you can keep the herbs near to you and use them in food whenever you want. This looks very beautiful and you can keep them close to you. It is the best way to decorate your kitchen with some natural plants and make it look amazing. If you are looking for ideas to grow a small herb garden then this is the one that you need.

Kitchen Countertop Garden

A vase of flowers sits in front of a window

One of the best ideas that you can use for window gardening is to put the plants in used cans and grow them in those. You can place the plants together and secure them with a beautiful ribbon to make it look better. This is an idea that will help you use waste material and use it for growing plants. You can place the cans on your countertop and they will look mesmerizing there. In these cans you can grow some herbs and small plants that will add a nice look to your kitchen.

Vertical Window Garden

For this amazing garden you can use another waste material and that is soda bottles. You have to place the plants and the soil inside the soda bottles and place them vertically on the window. This is a simple yet effective idea and there are many ways in which you can decorate the soda bottles to make your garden look pretty.


These are some of the best ways to do indoor window gardening and these ideas are simple and cost effective. You can use waste materials to make the pots and decorate them easily. These ideas are unique and you will see people asking you these ways of indoor gardening.

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