Trove-Gardening Guide 2020

Trove Gardening Guide

If you want a reprieve from dungeons, Gardening in Trove is the way to do it. Gardening is a profession of growing crops that can be advanced on the gardening bench. You can harvest the crops to collect useful items like Steed Feed or any decorations. You can also face different requirements per crop such as what the present weather is or if the sunlight is there or not.

There are seven tiers or categories of plants or, all different from each other, that need to be unlocked by gaining points and overcoming levels. Every gardener has distinctive levels in diverse categories which are Newbie, Dabber, Enthusiast, Gardener, Green Thumb, Botanist, and Horticulturist. You will see that starting from zero, the tiers go up to three hundred levels. You make a craft to gain another level. However, it can be difficult to start gardening in Trove as a beginner. So, here are a few tips that will help you to grow crops and overcome levels.

Search for the Sunlight Bulbs

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Finding some sunlight bulbs is the first thing you need to do. There are major ingredients that can be found to make the Gardening Recipes in the Sun Lair which is in the Peaceful biome of Trove. To craft the gardening bench, you should receive sufficient sun bulbs from each lair. It can be found under the Professional tab in the crafting bench option. It costs twenty Shapestone, five enchanted wood, and a hundred bulbs.

The first thing that you’ll notice in the Gardening Bench is a variety of tabs and the necessary level. You can see your level of Gardening on the top of the menu bar. You can unlock many recipes after beating every fifty levels.

Make Rich Fertilizer

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It’s impossible to go further in Gardening without making Rich Fertilizer which will garner the recipes of the seeds. In the Newbie tab, you can find the unripe compost heap. You have to let it mature to work as a rich fertilizer.

To make fertilizer, you will need water, and you will need sponges to get the water. They work as a bomb but not like in a dungeon.

Sometimes, you can use the same water throughout that process. You can easily find water from the Sea of Tranquility Biomes in Trove.

Beating Various Levels

Though Gardening in Trove is not that costly to level up, it takes a lot of time to gather the necessary items, resources, and to grow the crops. However, the capability to farm and craft elements such as Golden Soul, Steed Feed, and Enchanted Wood make it worthy to invest in.

You should clean out the Sunlight Bulbs while you find each Sunlight Lairs to gain levels because the bulbs are always used in the Gardening Recipes. The same goes with Mushroom Chunks that are needed to make Rich Fertilizer.

The more protected place than Adventure World for you would be the Club Worlds and Cornerstones. Moreover, plants may not grow in Cornerstones if it’s not in a world, but in the Club Worlds, crops continuously grow.


Therefore, whether you want to go to the master level or just craft some cupcakes and Steed Feed or add a little flavor to your cornerstone, Trove’s Gardening has a whole lot to offer. In this article, we have guided you via some useful tips for beginners. Now, start planting.

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