Vertical Gardening Ideas – Growing Your Garden on Walls

vertical gardening ideas

There are just as many different ways to add vertical living space to a backyard garden as there are good reasons for doing it. Some good reasons to grow vertical include: increasing vertical space when space is at a premium. Vertical gardens provide more usable vertical area in a backyard garden. Growing plants vertically allows you to keep control of the amount of light your plants get. Plants are better able to fight off pests when grown vertically also because it’s easier to find problems and bugs early on. This is especially true with small growing plants that don’t enjoy direct sunlight.

Trellises- The Best Vertical Gardening Ideas

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If you’ve ever looked at pictures or gardens of old, you may have seen rows of trellises or planters. Trellises and other vertical gardening ideas aren’t only beautiful, they provide practical purposes too. For one, trellises can be very effective barriers against insects and pests. If you grow vegetables vertically, you’ll also be able to train the height of your plants since the taller ones will be above the shorter ones. Growing trellises or other kinds of planters will also give your garden a more finished look.

One great way to incorporate vertical gardening ideas into your own home garden is by using hanging gardens. Hanging gardens are a great way to use vertical gardening ideas but without the need for soil. Instead of planting vegetables in the ground, you can hang pots or containers from a wall mount planter or trellis. Many times, these planters come with a built-in support system so that your pots and containers don’t have to be placed directly onto the soil. You can place several pots in a long hallway or hang them from the backs of your favorite chairs.

Deck Or Patio Would Be A Great Place To Grow Your Vegetables

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In fact, hanging gardens can serve as a great way to turn a small space into a vertical garden. A deck or patio would be a great place to grow your vegetables. But, if you have a small balcony, the vertical gardening ideas available to you just might work better for you. Hanging baskets from the balcony railing or using a trellis to climb up to the trellis from the deck or patio will provide a lovely vertical garden effect.

And if you’re growing flowers in a garden design, you can also consider vertical gardening ideas for flower pots and vining plants. For instance, many people select short stemmed delphiniums and phlox for their vertical gardening ideas. Both of these flowers grow well in small containers that are put into the ground in pots. Many gardeners also like to grow vining flowers, such as gladioli, towards the back of their house. These flowers grow well in large pots hung from the trellis or other vertical gardening ideas.


If you have a patio or deck space, you could use some decorative planters on either side of your table during your vertical gardening ideas. One of the advantages of using planters is that they allow you to put a plant right in front of a window or door, without needing to move the rest of the garden furniture. Some people choose to use an overhanging pot with a colorful umbrella on the bottom. Others like to use small planters on the ends of tables, where they provide extra plant protection from birds and insects.

Of course, another one of the great vertical gardening ideas is to use planters to grow herbs in. You could grow mints, thyme, basil, tarragon and oregano in beautiful pots from the ground, without needing to move the whole plant. The herbs don’t take up much room in the pot, so you won’t have to worry about them being compact in a big pot full of soil. And herbs usually like it hot in the summer, so your herbs will enjoy having plenty of sunlight as well.


If you’re looking for a way to save a bit of money and improve the look of your garden, try vertical gardening. By growing plants in planters, you can get the benefits of both a traditional garden and a sunny window. Choose attractive hanging or ground cover planters for your herbs and vegetables, and think about how you can position the container to make your garden neat and tidy. You’ll also love the visual appeal of hanging wall planters!

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