What To Consider Before Planting: Rooftop Gardening

What To Consider Before Planting: Rooftop Gardening

Rooftop gardens are trendy nowadays, as people enjoy spending time on the roof and sitting in the garden with friends and family. Sometimes, the rooftop is the best place to spend time together in a natural environment. Even the new generation also shows interest in rooftop gardening. People manage to plant flowering plants even they have little space for planting on the roof. Nowadays, people also prefer a garden on the terrace in commercial buildings that add beauty and natural environment to the building.

What To Consider Before Planting: Rooftop Gardening
What To Consider Before Planting: Rooftop Gardening

Why Rooftop Gardening?

  • There are many advantages to have a garden on the rooftop.
  • You can make use of the underused or unused space of the garden.
  • You will feel good when you see your green terrace
  • Terrace gardens provide privacy
  • Extremely environment-friendly and gives you fresh air
  • It is the best place for sun exposure
  • Animals can not harm the plants

How To Care: Rooftop Gardening

Rooftop gardening is the same as you have a garden in your balcony or porch area. Plants need the same care, no matter where they planted. Maintaining a terrace garden includes maintaining pots, soil fertilizer, watering and cutting down dead parts of the plants regularly. But as you are going to set up the plants on the rooftop, you need to take care of some essential factors. Here we have given some ideas that may help you to maintain your terrace garden.

Permission: Rooftop Gardening

If you have your place, then no permission needed from anyone. People living in multistoried buildings must concern the building in-charge person to set a garden on the top of the building. For commercial buildings also you should complete the documentation formalities before starting the venture of gardening.

Structural Integrity: Rooftop Gardening

Soils and pots are heavy, and the weight will increase as plants grow. So, the top you choose must have that capacity to handle the weight of dirt and containers. You should ask the building manager and discuss how many plats you want to grow. Furthermore, wet things are more massive than dry. So, when you water the plants, the soil becomes heavier. You should also consider the amount of water you add while watering the plants.


When you build a garden on the top, you need some tools, pots, and soils there on the top. How will you manage to carry all the containers and materials on the roof? Think about that before starting your work. Besides, plan properly before starting the job.

Watering The Plants:

Nowadays all building top has water facilities like a tap is given. If there is no tap for water on the top, do you think that container, hosepipe will be a good idea? No. It is very angry. You should install drip irrigation or rain barrel that may become easily manageable.

What To Consider Before Planting: Rooftop Gardening
What To Consider Before Planting: Rooftop Gardening

Sun Exposure:

We all know that sunlight is essential for the growth of the plants. Check for the sunlight the place face for the whole day and place the pots accordingly.

Heat And Wind:

On the top, sun exposure is the maximum. Wind, sunlight, the smoke of vehicles, and dust may harm the plants. Install a shade for the plant protection.

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