Winter Gardening Tips And Chores

Winter Gardening Tips And Chores

Winters are dreadful, both for the skin and the life that thrives in your garden. However, you can always take it as a break from the growing season and catch up on things you had put off during the remaining year. Winter gardening chores include coming up with decorations for the New Year, planning for the year ahead, or protecting the plants from extreme cold. Several things are there to keep you busy.

Winter Gardening: Growing Food

Simply because it is that time of the year when it would be difficult for you to expect good growth in your garden, does not mean you cannot have some fresh food here. Greens like arugula, mustard, and lettuce along with some cold-weather produce like Swiss chard and kale can quickly be grown in cold frame or cloche.

Winter Gardening Tips And Chores
Winter Gardening Tips And Chores

You can even try your hands at growing brassicas and root crops. These will overwinter for spring harvest. Try checking with the local extension services and nurseries if you are looking to get good results. These sources will offer you proper advice and tips on growing winter vegetables.

Winter Gardening Should Be About Nature

You must ensure that all the birds in your garden get a steady source of water and food. This way, they will be regular visitors to your garden, which will further help in controlling pests and in balancing the ecosystem of the yard.

You can place colorful nesting homes in February, especially if you are looking to increase the bird population in your garden. Nevertheless, ensure that these homes have perfectly sized dimensions and holes. Also, they need to be sited in the right way for the type of birds you are looking to attract.

Winterize The Lawn

Watering your garden thoroughly before the first frost will help in protecting the plants from cold temperatures. Start mulching around the bases of tender plants once you find the ground freezing. You can wrap the newly planted shrubs and trees with layers of burlaps stuffed with a good quality insulating material like dried leaves or straw.

Look For Diversity

There are several winter colors you can bring into your garden. After all, there is nothing as beautiful and colorful as those winter-blooming shrubs and plants. They lift the spirits during the winter seasons.

Shrubs like witch hazel, honeysuckle, and winter hazel offer pleasant fragrance and color in times when need them the most. Some early bulbs like species crocus, winter aconite and snowdrops can also pop up through the shallow layers of snow. These offer good hope of spring approaching very soon.

Winter Gardening Tips And Chores
Winter Gardening Tips And Chores

Order Catalogs

Avid fans of gardening can look forward to the luscious order catalogs that start appearing in January and sometimes just after the Christmas holidays. These catalogs present glossy pages packed with images of colorful plants.

They are one right way of beating the winter temperatures and getting inspired for the growing season ahead. Go for orders that can help you create your favorite nursery. You can even try some new plants to give your garden an exclusive appeal.