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Wooden Planter Box Gardening Tool

Wooden Planter Box Gardening Tool

Planting herbs and exotic plants in a wooden planter box can save a lot of money for a gardener. You can find inexpensive or free wooden boxes like soda crates, wine boxes, tool boxes, orange, and apple boxes. You can turn all these boxes into a planter box after some treatment and place them indoors or outdoors. The gardener using wooden scrap boxes should feel proud of having environmental responsibility.

Some technical and specialized knowledge would be required by the gardener while preparing the planter box. First of all, you have to be cautious about the paint you are using to paint the table. Be careful about color containing lead because vegetables and herbs can absorb this metal, which is harmful. There are many ways to check comprises of lead in paint. Hardware stores or home centers can give you simple test kits to check the colors which contain lead.

Wooden Planter Box Gardening Tool

You can keep the wood lasting for decades if you can choose the right kind of wood like cedar or redwood, which has a natural power to resist rot damage and insects. You can also make the box of teak and cypress wood, which helps you from rot damage. You should maintain the soil properties and look into the dampness of the soil, which can even rot the redwood or cedarwood. Though all wooden containers have a limited life comparing to cement pots, plastic containers, or clay pots, yearly maintenance, and specific preparations can prolong the life of the wooden box.

You can use a liquid wood sealer inside and outside of the wooden container every year, which can help you to keep the box safe, and you can use it for years. Try to avoid chemical sealers, which have a terrible effect on the plant as well as human beings who are using them. To save the environment, you should use a wooden planter box gardening tool in your garden rather than using plastics.

Best Wood For Garden Containers

Wood containers can help you to grow herbs, medicinal plants, flowering and non-flowering plants, and also vegetables. You can even grow decorative plants like cactus or succulents. Small roots plants like potatoes, radish, and carrots can be grown in this wooden box. You can control the pests and earthworms and the soil quality comparing to plant directly planted in the soil.

Benefits To Plants

To grow healthy plants, you can prepare the soil with compost, vermiculite, and peat moss. The wooden container helps you to distribute the water into the roots of the plants, and the holes in the bottom of the box will also help you to drain the extra water. Planters can grow small and delicate plants along with rare and exotic plants in the wooden container, which are harder to maintain if you plant it directly into the soil.


Using a wooden planter box for gardening is giving a message to the world to eliminate plastic and be pollution-free.

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